Chloe + Trevor { Engaged – Tulsa, Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

A couple weeks ago I headed to Tulsa for Chloe and Trevor’s engagement session at the Harwelden Mansion. We were so lucky to have such a beautiful day and it was so much fun getting to know the two of them. Trevor and Chloe have such a sweet connection. You can tell how much they care about each other just by watching how the interact. We laughed, joked around and run around downtown at the end of the night catching the amazing sunset. I was swooning over how downtown lit up on the side of the skyscrapers, even made them pull over immediately as I saw it. It was one of those WE HAVE LESS THAN 2 MINUTES TO CAPTURE THIS, GO! haha. I am so excited to keep in touch with you guys over the next 6 months and I can’t wait for the wedding. The venue is amazing, you guys as a couple as incredible and you have so many people cheering you guys on and supporting the two of you! Hope you love the sneak peeks and thank you again for trusting in me and going with the flow 🙂 Hugs, Holly 2015-03-08_0006.jpg2015-03-08_0015.jpg2015-03-08_0016.jpg2015-03-08_0001.jpg2015-03-08_0017.jpg2015-03-08_0018.jpg2015-03-08_0019.jpg2015-03-08_0020.jpg2015-03-08_0021.jpg2015-03-08_0022.jpg2015-03-08_0002.jpg2015-03-08_0003.jpg2015-03-08_0009.jpg2015-03-08_0010.jpg2015-03-08_0011.jpg2015-03-08_0012.jpg2015-03-08_0013.jpg2015-03-08_0014.jpg2015-03-08_0007.jpg2015-03-08_0023.jpg2015-03-08_0024.jpg2015-03-08_0008.jpg2015-03-08_0004.jpg2015-03-08_0005.jpg2015-03-08_0025.jpg2015-03-08_0026.jpg2015-03-08_0027.jpg2015-03-08_0028.jpg

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