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Some of our favorite moments on a wedding day are when the groom gets to see his bride. The joy in his eyes and the smile on his face as he lights up is unforgettable. Both looking absolutely beautiful and incredibly excited to celebrate their day together and become husband and wife.

Whether they are seeing each other beforehand or as they walk down the aisle, it is not staged nor is it forced. It’s natural and a beautiful moment. So many people think seeing each other before the wedding won’t allow for those special moments or those tears rolling down the grooms cheek as his bride walks down the aisle. But in fact it is the complete opposite, we have found so many times it allows the couple to spend a little one-on-one time together before the craziness of the big day really hits. It allows them to enjoy each other. It also allows them to be more relaxed as they have hundreds of people staring at them during the ceremony. We have had MANY grooms still shed a tears of happiness during the ceremony even after seeing each other beforehand.

First looks are for some couples and not for others. We just like to express the benefits in doing one, but are completely up for capturing your day the way you choose and desire. Consider these few things before you make your decision…

Benefits to First Glances:

  • One-one-time together as a couple before you have to entertain your guests
  • Your relaxed and still excited for the ceremony
  • You get to go straight to your reception because we have knocked out bridal party photos and family (in most cases) as well, plus your guests aren’t waiting.
  • Most of all we have found it eliminates SO MUCH stress from our couples on the day of the wedding.
  • We have never had a couple say they regretted doing a first look afterwards when they were debating to do one or not. Actually we normally have them come up to us afterwards and thank us for making their day stress free and so enjoyable.
  • It allows more time for photos so in the end you end up with more in your gallery and more time to capture the day, verses rushing in between the ceremony and reception.

We have gathered a few of our favorite first looks, check them out…

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