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Last night we had a BBQ at my dearest friends house, to celebrate being in town. We only come home once a year lately and last year we missed everyone due to a wedding, so this year was a must to see everyone 🙂 THANK YOU JANELLE for putting it all together, it was PERFECT and so great to just sit and be around friends we’ve had for years. These are the ladies I have known since high school when I first moved to Montana. We have all changed and grown up but in the end we are still close friends. Yes I am incredibly busy and don’t keep in contact like I wish I did sometimes but we don’t skip a beat when we reunite. Last night made me miss being home so much more than you can imagine. I know we can’t move to Montana any time soon but a little glimpse into what it would be like isn’t too bad 🙂 There is just something about having those friends that you don’t have to say anything and they just know what’s going on. It was so fun to sit back and cuddle on the couch with my girls and dear friends who were also holding their kiddos… Sweet moments make me truly miss Montana!!

I was the obnoxious person NEEDING photos of the kiddos, we did it as soon as everyone arrived so that they didn’t look too beat up yet hah. Pretty cute for only having about 1.3 seconds to capture it ha. I looked around and realized we have some of the older kids…. man we are getting old. Oh well… it was so much fun to watch everyone running around, screaming, getting into things they know they are not allowed be into, and hugging + kissing in the end 🙂

Thank you sweet friends, I miss you all dearly but so thankful to have times like these. Love you all!!

PS… yes the hubbies were around, just refused a photo… NOT COOL GUYS 😉


All our Kiddos 🙂 I think they may out number us, YIKES!



She smiled 🙂

I would like to call this….”SHITS ABOUT TO GET REAL!” Bhahaha I couldn’t resist, that face and what what he doing with that shovel hahah… TROUBLE!

Here are a few instagram pics from the evening as well. Another great night in Montana while on vaca…


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