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growth-featuredI have never been one to keep plants alive real well or grow a garden. Yes I have 2 children and I can take care of them great but plants not so much… I have always wanted a garden but honestly it terrifies me… I am not sure if it is the fact it takes time or if I just don’t have a green thumb ha. My husband and I planted some flowers last weekend together and started a garden (cross your fingers, we are starting small). It reminded me that things take time to grow and also take patience and HARD WORK. You have to be willing to grow and take risks and KNOW YOUR WEAKNESS in order to continue to grow.


  1. How can I improve my business
  2. How can I grow as a photographer
  3. How can I balance the 2 things I love most, my family and my photography

I am always brainstorming how to improve my business… I lay in bed some nights constantly racking my brain. I care so much about my business and my love for photography that sometimes I need to walk away from it for a few minutes otherwise I can drive myself nuts. It’s not that I want to have more weddings than another photographer, it’s not that I want to be “better” than someone else… I want to improve ME and my business. I want to improve your experience and continue to love what I do and continue to encourage others to love what they love to do.

I have done a few things to improve my business on the back end. Upgraded my albums, gotten a better workflow for blogging (it’s still in the process but I am blogging much more frequently and in better time), I have created a pricing that is not a recipe for disaster so you guys have the best experience while working with me… these are just a few of many.

Beginning of March 2014, I quickly realized I needed to make sure I wasn’t only doing photography for the business side but also to share my gift with others. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but I felt like I needed a personal project to keep my head level and remind me why I do what I do. I LOVE TELLING BEAUTIFUL STORIES. Well most of you have heard me talk about Addi. She came into my life right after I had made it a goal to figure out a personal project and I am so THANKFUL to be part of her life. I have been documenting her journey to FIGHT CANCER and she is an absolutely beautiful young lady inside and out. Check out ADDI FIGHTS… she’s incredible.

My goal is to attend at least 1 photography workshop/conference per year to grow as a photographer. To meet and talk with other photographers and GROW. Making connections and having people to bounce ideas off of is so important to me. We can’t grow like we desire if we don’t work with other photographers. I attended WPPI back in March and it was the best experience. I met 3 other photographer friends in Las Vegas for 6 days and we learned so much my head wanted to explode by the time I got home.

Early this April I did an online coaching session with Katelyn James, one of my favorite photographers of all times (we have a similar style and besides photography she is an amazing person who has no problem sharing with other photographers her love for the business). I truly admire her. She has really helped me tweak a few things with my business and more so gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed. I know how much I LOVE my job and I put everything into it, but sometimes you need to hear it from someone other than your close friends or husband 😉 THANK YOU KATELYN!

With all this said I am SO EXCITED to announce I am furthering my education as a photographer AGAIN (not only once but 3 times in less than 6 months). I am so lucky to of grabbed seat for Jasmine Star’s Workshop in Dallas this summer!!!! I figure I mine as well take advantage of only being 5 hours away from Dallas and fully embrace the opportunity. I head there in July and can’t wait!! I will make sure to update everyone on how it goes.

IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION no matter where you are in your business!!!!

This is a topic that I struggle with all the time. I am getting better but I truly believe most people who have their own business struggle with this… If you work from home or are the sole person who keeps your business up and running there is a lot of pressure and behind the scenes work most don’t think about. It is very time consuming running your own business…. more than I ever imagined. Having 2 little girls with busy schedules has really kept me on my toes, but as some of you know being on a schedule is the best thing for me. I work better knowing I have a routine. I think clearly even if I have 10 things on my calendar for the day as long it is somewhat planned out.

My husband and I share iCalendar and honestly it has been the best thing for our marriage. We share our work schedules and it helps keep us on the same page and working around each others schedules 🙂 THANK YOU APPLE once again!! I have also been better about not working on weekends that I don’t have weddings, responding to emails during the weekdays and keeping the weekends to my family (besides when at weddings – which is about to get CRAZY 🙂 – can’t wait for wedding season to begin full force).

I have found the older the girls get the busier we are but the more I can do because I can work on the go. It is amazing what you can get done when you sit at gymnastics 2 hours, 2 days a week 🙂

As always I am still working on all three of these things but I feel GREAT going into wedding season READY and prepared for the craziness!! Wish me luck and to all my clients, I can’t wait to celebrate with each one of you!


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