Jenni + Jarred { Engaged – Billings, Montana Wedding Photographer

The first person I told I was doing a shoot at the fair about dropped dead. They looked at me like I was insane. I was visiting Montana just a couple weeks ago and had an engagement shoot for the upcoming wedding, this September. After talking with the bride, Jenni, we came to the conclusion that the fair would be REALLY cute/different/fun. I was a bit nervous after I had so many people tell me how awful of an idea that was, but I had this image in mind and was sure it would work… Thank goodness it did 🙂 hah.

I met Jenni and Jarred at the Fair with their adorable son Cal. I went to high school with Jenni many many years ago. I figured we could get a few family shots as well. I wanted to use all the colors and lights to my advantage for this session. I knew it was going to be SUPER tricky to make sure and not get a bunch of people picking their noses or their shorts going up their butts haha. You all are laughing but think about all the types of people you see at the fair…. YES THIS IS WHY MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY THOUHT I WAS CRAZY doing a shoot at the fair.

Honestly it was a blast, a nice change is great and needed to spice things up!! Jenni and Jarred came ready to have some fun. We may or may not of had a tiny drink to cool their nerves before the shoot (who would of thought the fair served drinks- I had no idea). We walked around, played with toys and stuffed animals that weren’t ours. We played games without paying and even rode the ferris wheel. It was a blast! Their love and adorableness out shined the ugly dirty fair and their session had to be one of my new favorites for unique locations. THE COLORS and TEXTURES were amazing!!!! Plus the two of them could not be any more attractive 🙂

Thanks again Jenni, Jarred and Cal, I can’t wait to celebrate with you guys on your wedding day in Billings, Montana in just a little more than 2 weeks 🙂 ENJOY your sneaks!!


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