Kamron + Mark { Fairview, Oklahoma – Engagement + Wedding Photographer

Kamron and Mark were so STINKIN CUTE, I can’t even begin to explain it… just scroll through their photos and you will quickly see what I am talking about!!I went out into the country for their shoot to really capture the true K+M, and I am so glad I did.

It was beautiful and so peaceful… until I almost sat in cow poo hahah… No but really it was fabulous out there. I loved all the different locations I had to choose from and how excited they were for their shoot. When I first showed up I was in heaven, I saw all the different textures on the barns, sweet trackers, and the overall atmosphere. We had talked earlier and had decided it would be fun to incorporate their four wheeler (they love riding around on it).

I was LOVING the tracker… we had FUN!!!

We climbed down into a creek… who knows what was actually in that creek… at one point Mark said “watch out snapping turtles and snakes live in here, they will take off your toes” hahah… I still am not sure if he was kidding or serious HA! Thanks guys for being up for running around and trying some different but fun things, I had a blast and can’t wait for your wedding in August.

PS… these two met out in the country, love spending time out in the country AND LOVE watching the sunset out in the country, it’s even where they got engaged… the very last photo was not posed and they had no idea I had taken it. I had packed up my car put all my equipment away and siad my good byes. As I was about to pull away I heard Mark say, “you’re missing it, hurry up and come watch it with me.” He obviously was not talking to me, but I saw Kamron run over to the fence where Mark was and they just stood there so content as they watched the sunset. It was BEAUTIFUL so I very quickly ran around to the back of my car and grabbed my ZOOM lens to HOPEFULLY capture their special moment, I NAILED IT I MUST SAY 🙂 I didn’t tell them I took it until I sent it to them and I hope it made their hearts melt as much as mine. LOVE IT!!!!

Thanks again guys, see you in just a few short months!!


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