Kaytie’s Oklahoma Skyline { Tribute to Kaytie Joiner


I sit here sobbing, tears flooding my eyes and down my face, honestly I am speechless. Is it possible? Am I going crazy? I am losing my mind… this is beautiful… yes all of those things are going through my head over and over and over. I want to say THANK YOU KAYTIE for opening my eyes so much more than you realize.

I came home last night and asked my husband if he believed you could physically SEE spirits… he instantly asked WHY I was asking.

Since Kaytie’s funeral I have had this idea in my head and knew exactly what I wanted to create for Kaytie’s fiance and her family. They released 60 red balloons at her service and it was so beautiful. I captured it and am so thankful I was part of that moment. Most of the red balloons were heart shaped. As Kaytie and I talked about her wedding and the timeline for the big day she made sure I knew how important it was that I was to sneak them away during the reception at sunset and head to the top of the parking garage to get a few beautiful images of Nick and her with the skyline in the background and hopefully a beautiful sunset. When we did their engagement photos we were going to do the skyline from the parking garage as well but last minute at the end of the shoot we decided to just wait and do it on their big day. This has stuck in my head and I have felt terrible about not capturing those moments for them, which is where I came up with this idea… I would create a piece of artwork for them to cherish forever that represented exactly this.

I took several photos in the exact same spot at the same time and ONE was so different. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I thought I was honestly loosing my mind at first… No that is not a sun glare. I work with sun glares all the time and have never seen anything like this. No I did not edit this in. Yes I edited the sunset, but that was my plan from the beginning… to create a piece of ART.

I have shared this image with her mother and Nick and they absolutely LOVE it. I am in awe that it was captured. Take what you want from this but no matter what it is truly beautiful! 

Also below are the images from the balloon release at her service 2 weeks ago and her BEAUTIFULLY written LETTER FROM NICK to Kaytie that was read at the funeral, he asked me to share it with everyone. SO many people have been touched by Kaytie and have been supporting her family by #LiveLikeKaytie. It is all over social media and they asked everyone at the service to follow in kaytie’s footsteps and share #27actsofkindness. People have ben posting on fb their random acts of kindness in memory of Kaytie. This is one of my #27actsofkindess. I encourage you all to do the same.


To my beautiful, sweet, amazing, loving bride Kaytie Cooper,

Kaytie you are the love of my life, I waited so long to find the perfect partner and then God answered my prayers and sent me you. You could not have been more perfect, you are my best friend and my everything. I am extremely happy to have experienced the love that I don’t think a lot of people get to. I hear hundreds of people talking about you, and how you changed their life or made it better in some way and how their heart breaks now that you are gone. You completed me and helped me in my walk with Christ, not only does my heart break, now that you are gone but my soul aches, my soul hurts because that’s what we are, soul mates. We had so many plans for the next year, I promised you we could build a house together, and start having babies. I know that this is what you and I wanted more than anything in the world, was to get married and for us to start a family. I know that you are infinitely happier in Gods arms right now than I could ever make you on this earth, but I just wanted the chance to try for the rest of my life. I promise I would have poured out my heart and soul for our family.

I don’t know how I am going to go on, but I know with Gods amazing love that he will provide a path for me. I know that you touched so many lives during your 27 years with us. You always wanted to make people happy and talk to them about Jesus. I promise to carry on anything that you or I started. I promise to honor you in every way. We have talked many times about showing people the love of Jesus because we might be the only time they see that. I know that you showed people love, not just out of the kindness of your heart and to do good, but you have the joy of the lord, the love of Christ in you, and that love shown through all the time.
I have piece knowing that right now as we speak you are dancing and hugging everyone in heaven.

I was not able to be around you the last couple days while you were still with us, but I am so happy that all your friends, your mom, sister, and my mom could be there. I have this vision of you running by the ocean coming towards the finish line and everyone is cheering you on. As you get closer you look around and see everyone and you are so happy that you are almost finished. As those cheers of your earthly family start to fade you hear the voice of God, he is cheering you home, saying well done my good and faith full servant, your race is done. You took one step in this world and in a blink of an eye you took the next one into our savior’s arms.

You look absolutely beautiful in your wedding dress; I know you could not wait for me to see it. It is perfect and I know you picked it out just for me, I love it. Kaytie I know I will see your sweet face again soon and I cannot wait to get to heaven and open the gates and hear you yell BABA I need a kiss! I know that you are my Beautiful bride here on earth and you are now one of Gods favorites. Until I see you again. I love you with all my heart and Soul BABA.

Love your Nicholas

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