Meeting new couples is one of my favorite parts of my job. It is an honor to get to know a couple over the course of our time together –from engagement photos, to wedding planning, to the actual event! I love capturing the special moments between a couple that often go unseen. I take great pride in making photo shoots fun and carefree. Even people who dread having their photo taken lighten up and really enjoy themselves when we work together. One reason for that is because I truly love my job, and couples can sense that. I have fallen in love with wedding photography, as it gives me a chance to really get to know people and capture the beauty of their relationship. I am always ready to think of my feet, change plans as we need to, and go with the flow… which always comes in handy during a wedding!

We've lived all over the country and LOVE traveling. We have shot several weddings on the east caost as well as Montana & mexico, but mainly shoot in Oklahoma where we call home. I guess you could say I’m always up for an adventure. My husband and I were high school sweethearts believe it or not. We love to travel together, laugh and be silly together, all while trying to juggle LIFE with 2 jobs & 2 sassy little girls on our hands. We are originally from Montana, Big Sky State, if we could live anywhere it would be on the lake near Flathead lake….. OH SO BEAUTIFUL + PEACEFUL. Boy is it beautiful there, but we also love seeing the rest of the world. We always travel back to Montana at least once a year, sometimes more if I have any weddings booked around the ares! If you have never been to Montana, add it to your bucket list!!

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Laughter is the best medicine & life is WAY to short not to laugh each and every day. Let's be real, we may look like fools or sound silly but who cares at least we know how to have fun.


  • very passionate & when I get something in my mind there is no turning back

  • laid back and go with the flow personality but able to give great direction when needed 

  • I giggle. Don't judge. YES, you heard that correclty. I giggle. Here's proof...


Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming process. Deciding on colors, venues, menus, wedding party, and other details - all while trying to stay on budget - can be too much for even the most organized bride. Hiring a wedding planner can help you navigate the planning process and make it simple and fun! We will work together to decide what your wedding planning needs are, whether you just need help on your wedding day or you want someone to plan the entire day for you. HGPD Events has a package to suit the needs of every bride.